Day Eight: 30 Good Deeds In Ramadan


DAY 8: It’s Time To Thank Your Favorite One


It’s amazing how just one person can make a difference in so many lives. I still remember the ones who made a difference in mine, and amongst them are my schoolteachers, from Mrs. Gohar in 2nd second grade, who taught us that ‘sharing is caring’ (and I honestly hated sharing!) all the way to Mr. Boylen in college, who treated our work like masterpieces. (Of course I blocked out the scary mean ones, including my math teacher, who mercilessly picked on me, and is the main culprit behind my phobia of numbers. Ughhh)

Anyways, so eventually we grow up and realize there’s still so much to learn, especially in matters of religion. Yes our parents and schoolteachers probably give us the basic, textbook information, but a part of us still yearns for more. And because we’re different, we’re attracted to different methodologies of learning, all the while knowing, the best teachers are those who teach their students in ways they can understand.

When it comes to belief systems, especially religion, some of us need details. Like scrutinized and dissected information, down to a list of what the narrator of a certain Hadith had for dinner that night and the name and address of the woman who cooked it!

Some of us like brief explanations and others learn best through figuring out the morals of stories. I for one need a little bit of humor for my mind to process information properly. I got straight A’s in history because my dad used to make up funny story about Historical figures just so I can remember them all.

Let me ask a question.

Whenever you’re confused, sad or anxious or in need of a dose of spirituality, who’s the first scholar that comes to your mind?
Whoever it is, it must be someone who speaks in a way you can relate to.

Thanks to Allah, we have a lot of amazing Muslim speakers nowadays and they’ve all left their marks in this world, cured broken hearts, answered our doubts and taught us the most important lessons of all; how to be better Muslims, and how to please our Lord. These people have spent most of their lives studying the Qur’an and Sunnah and Aqeedah and Fiqh (Oh my God, do you know how difficult Fiqh 102 is?!) just so they can teach it to others and spread the words of Allah. And in the darkest most crooked times, those scholars are the bright stars guiding us to the straight path.
Day 8’s act of kindness is to show appreciation and gratitude to the Muslim leaders, and let them know how much they’re needed, loved and respected.
Seriously, it’s the least we can do for them, right?

Beginners Level:

Drop a nice comment on an article or a video by your favorite Muslim scholar or speaker. They may never have the chance to reply, but trust me, they’ll always read comments and it’ll bring much deserved joy to their hearts.

Advanced Level:

Send a thank you note, along with a story of how that scholar had affected your life positively. Take the time to show your gratitude in a heartfelt email or letter. The greatest need for humankind is to be acknowledged and appreciated, especially when the work is so noble and effective.

It’s true they do it for Allah’s sake, but whoever doesn’t thank the people doesn’t really thank Allah (that’s a hadith btw). And this Holy month is the best opportunity to thank Allah for opening our hearts to Islam, and thank the scholars for their efforts.

I’ll even make it easier for you guys and add all the top Muslim speakers’ names and contact info to this post.

Now you have no excuses!

Special Level:

Hmmmm so you don’t have a favorite scholar, huh?
What you don’t even listen to Islamic lectures? Like at all?
You’re so missing out dude! Seriously, it’s an obligation for us to learn everything there is to know about our religion, and these people make the process such a great pleasure.
Okay, don’t panic.
Deep breaths everyone.
Better late than never, right?
You’ll find the names of the top Muslim speakers below. Take your pick coz they’re all fantastic!

Who’s my favorite?
Okay I don’t know if I should say LOL. I really love and respect them all but of course one person tops the list. (Uhmm hint hint loool).
Alright here we go:


Nouman Ali Khan

Hamza Yusuf

Mufti Menk

Zakir Naik

Omar Suleiman

Bilal Phillips

Yasmin Mogahed

Yasir Qadhi

Amr Khaled (Arabic)

Mustafa Hosny (Arabic)

Omar Abdel Kafy (Arabic)

Yusuf Estes



I hope I didn’t forget anyone. If I did please let me know so I can add them before they find out!

All my best to all my beautiful readers, and have a lovely blessed weekend.

Lilly S. Mohsen






11 thoughts on “Day Eight: 30 Good Deeds In Ramadan

  1. Munni

    Thank you thank you thabk you sooo much ya ukhti!! Very much enjoying these 30 good deeds series..may Allah accept our deeds and indeed may He grant all the great muslim speakers aand my fav (NAK) Jannah tul Firdaws!!

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  2. Aadil Mohamed

    I know your technically not a scholar/speaker but you’re my favourite all the same.

    Your posts are wonderful to read and address important issues with a much-needed dash of humour. Every time I see a new post, I get excited to read it because I know that it’ll brighten my day.

    Thank you Lilly for the small but meaningful contribution you make with this blog and I hope you touch the hearts of others in the same way you have mine.

    May Allah (awj) accept you work and may we meet in Jannah, ameen.


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    1. lillymohsen Post author

      By the looks of it, and given the amount of joy you have given me on a Ramadan day, I think you’re gonna end up in the highest levels of Jannah inshAllah.
      Thank you so much Aadil, your beautiful comment brightened up my day. May Allah bless you and your loved ones. Amen


  3. alees

    Jazak allahu haire for all the posts from the bottom of my heart..your posts makes me to feel very good and special..I can’t find the correct word To express it…whenever I feel sad ur article is one of the things that reduce my pain are one of my favorites ..may Allah(swt) fills ur life with full of happiness and prosperity..:-)

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  4. Muhammad Imran

    As salmaualikum , I really Liked your blog and I have a request,
    Add Moulana Tqriq Jameel in your list Lilly , he is agreat Scholar h, Has been areason to change millions of people life
    And May be even he might be top in your list , Check out Dear.


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